A 1,000 Dollar Investment Turns Into Millions – The Easy Way

The great thing about living in a free market economy is that with a little creativity you can easily take a 1,000 dollar investments turns into millions. There are so many opportunities for growing your wealth exponentially that everyone should really be taking advantage of.

The most important thing to realize is that the key to growing your wealthy quickly is to turn your profits around as quickly as possible. This means that you need to invest in things that have a very high SOR (speed of return). With an ever changing market investing in things that take a year or longer to give you a return are really a gamble. Who knows what the economy will be like in a year? It’s much easier to predict what the market will be doing in a week.

The best ways I’ve found to take advantage of SOR is to find desperate people who are willing to sell of their assets for a quick buck and then re-sell them for even more money. I realize some people think this might feel like taking advantage of those in desperate situations but the reality is that you’re helping them out as well. They need money fast – and you can give it to them!

For example, if you buy a car someone is not using for a 1,000 investment you can turn around and resell it at it’s actual value for twice that. You’ve then got 2,000 dollars to invest in 2 more cars. Within a month you can buy and sell 10 cars total using this method which equals a total gain of 10,000 dollars! As you continue to grow your assets you can invest in items of even higher values, like real estate, and continue to see quick returns that you can re-invest. Before you know it – you’re on the way to a million dollar return!

Source by Hans Betrell

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